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Dave and Brian, as the band Society Fringe Players, are psychedelic punk rock opera hillbillies who are using this podcast to roll out their 87 song narrative entitled THE BIG OPERA. They release a new song every Monday morning at 7 ESTand then release a commentary track every Wednesday morning at 7 EST explaining how that song fits into THE BIG OPERA. They're too "Bawmer" for their own good. Reach them on Twitter at @davelinantudsfp and @brilutz9. Yes these are Circle 9 guys.


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79 Let Her Know

Roams the landscape all alone Singing "Roam, Sucker, Roam" Dreaming of then again and again When she ushered in a phase Lasted lo these many days Sees her again and then they begin Let her know what to do So she can get a little closer to you What she does what she do Gonna make you look just like a fool She pops in and out quantumly Here and there confusing all who see But those that they do can't believe it's true Sit back and the devil appears But then she knows just what to make it clear What can she do she's falling for you chorus   Dave - guitars and vocals Brian - bass, engineering, mixing Ochster - drums and percussion Ian - mastering