Spilling Rubies


“To create one must be willing to be stone stupid, to sit upon a throne on top of a jackass and spill rubies from one’s mouth.” ~ Clarissa Pinkola Estes

Spilling Rubies airs live and unedited every Tuesday evening at 8pm on Sonoma County, California’s own DIY Community Radio Station, KWTF, welcoming in special guests who improvise characters and scenarios with your host, Tristy Taylor.

Shows include a variety of themes, including conversations with artists, musical tributes, and improvised characters with a cast of weirdoes. Please enjoy!

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Episode 65: Shawna and Svetlana: Part 1

This episode was pre-recorded for airing on KWTF Sonoma County Radio for September 11, 2018. In this episode, Dr. Shawna, unlicensed sex therapist - and also your friend - takes over Spilling Rubies to talk to her friend Not-Quite-A-Doctor Svetlana. They discuss Ghost Management, Queer Lady Romance, and they both give each other love advice, including how to “be a straight shooter,” and “diversify your intimacy portfolio.” If you want to watch the live video of this episode (without the music), visit https://youtu.be/NgRks460Ouo and to find out more about this and all our episodes visit: https://spillingrubies.com/ and to learn more about donating to KWTF, visit: https://www.kwtf.net/donate/.

Songs Played in this episode:

  1. - “Wait in the Car” by The Breeders
  2. - “Full Control.” by Snail Mail
  3. - “Freddies & Teddies” by Shannon Shaw
  4. - “End of my Bloodline” by Screaming Females
  5. - “So Slow” by Yuno
  6. -  “Lifted (V2)” by Palmistry
  7. - “Como Me Quieres” by Khruanagbin
  8. - Knock on Wood (Live)r” by Jackie Shane

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