Spooky Noodle


Josh and Jon tell each other spooky stories.


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Title: Episode 9: "Bloodygums" and "The Sassafras Saga, Part I"

Episode 28: Spooktacular 2018

October 31st, 2018

(1:47) Spooky News (9:36) Spooky Feedback (14:00) Spooky Culture (20:56) Spooky Friends (31:51) Spooky Books, Pt. 1 (37:36) Spooky Flicks: The Giant Spider… Go to Episode

Episode 27: Noodle Night 2018

May 13th, 2018

(2:00) Spooky Flicks: "Sunset and Noodles" (12:32) Story: "Matilda's Ghoul Ferns" (30:21) Story: "Steve's Souvs" (31:31) Spooky Tunes (46:19) Spooky Feedback… Go to Episode

Episode 26: "The Last Rail Ride" and "Flopalot Rides the Z-Line"

March 14th, 2018

(1:08) Spooky Friends (12:09) Story: "The Last Rail Ride" (23:29) Story: "Flopalot Rides the Z-Line" (31:11) Spooky Games (37:36) Feedback Go to Episode

Episode 25: "Death Tree" and "Alexis's Arboreus Ascent"

February 13th, 2018

(2:26) Spooky News (10:30) Story: "Death Tree" (21:03) Story: "Alexis's Arboreus Ascent" (31:01) Spooky Lightning Round Go to Episode