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What is Sports Adrenaline?

A buzzer beater. A last second Hail Mary. A walk off home run. It's an immediate shot of adrenaline coursing through the veins of every fan, instantly bringing thousands to their feet in a thunderous roar! It's a love, a passion, a connection with sports that every true fan can identify with.

THAT is Sports Adrenaline. WE are SPORTS ADRENALINE!


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7/6/19: Clipper Darrell on Leonard Deal, Coco Vinny, NBA Summer League, Golden Knights

The big acquisition of Kwahi Leonard and the Clippers big trade this weekend are central to our discussion with the world's biggest LA Clippers fan - Clipper Darrell. Also: Coco Vinny on his revolutionary beverage, NBA Summer League, VGK news and more.