Steam Powered Scoundrels: A Malifaux Podcast


Steam Powered Scoundrels is a podcast about the tabletop skirmish game, Malifaux. Your hosts are Victoria and Doug, as well as a rotating third chair.


Steam Powered Scoundrels: A Malifaux Podcast navigateright Episode

Friday Night Faux-Down - 03/20/2020 - Crushin' for the Prussian

Friday Night Faux-Down, it's back. It's spicy. It's...melon flavored. This episode we got Doug, Tori (she back!), Nate, and Ed (who dis?) going over a bunch of serious and unserious topics that our patrons suggested.

Topics Tonight:

1. Now that Malifaux is officially a sportsball game (clever and original CLL joke) pick a keyword. That keyword is now a sportsball team. What is their sport, what's the mascot/colors, what are they known for?

2. What's a good crew (or pair of crews) for demoing the game?

3. How many keywords do you feel it takes to cover the schemes and strats?

4. What character has the most embarrassing secret hobby?

5. Which pairs would make the best unexpected power couples?

6. Which master is the biggest scumbag?

7. Which Henchman are legitimate picks to promote to master?

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