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The Steelers Outpost Podcast is for fans of the Black and Gold who want a show with a point to make. No rambling, just the story behind the stats with some unconventional observations mixed in.


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Steelers 2022 QB Controversy

QBs in the News

Andy Dalton, recently released by the Cincinnati Bengals, was picked up by the Dallas Cowboys to backup Day Prescott. We talk about whether he would have been a preferable backup to Ben given his reasonable $3m salary.

Jameis Winston signed with the New Orleans Saints for an unfathomable $1.1m. What's the strategy behind that and why didn't any other teams take advantage of this opportunity (including the Steelers)?

And what is the Green Bay Packers strategy, picking Jordan Love in the first round? Are we going to see a reprise of the Brett Favre situation with Aaron Rogers? What are some possible landing spots for him if the Packers and he decide to part ways?

Juju's Departure

In one of his Asked and Answered columns, Ed Bouchette opines that JuJu Smith-Schuster, Alejandro Villanueva nor James Conner are likely to be on the roster post 2020. We talk about this prediction as well as the reasons for the animosity directed at JuJu by Steelers fans.

Claypool vs Mims 

Denzel Mims was on the board when the Steelers chose Chase Claypool, but slid to the NY Jets. Both of these guys can burn, but many "experts" gave the edge to Mims. What did the Steelers see in Claypool (or not see in Mims)?

Duck Calling

Joey of Barstool Sports interviewed Devlin "Duck" Hodges to talk about his experience on the Steelers, his ascension to starting QB and his relationship with Ben.