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Want to know more about unschooling? How about radical unschooling? (It's not as scary or as wild as some people make out!) Join me as I share ideas, stories, homeschool record-keeping tips and resources for living an unschooling life of unconditional love.


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150: Unschooling Books and Bedtimes

This week, I'm chatting about unschooling and bedtimes.

  • What if our kids want to stay up late?

  • Can kids get up early if they have to?

  • Do we sometimes want our kids to go to bed early because it suits us?

  • What if we are criticised because of the way we parent our kids?

I share lots of stories including one about entertaining unexpected guests in my pyjamas while feeding a baby.

Also, I share

  • My latest unschooling book news

  • An excerpt from my book Curious Unschoolers.

  • Some family news.

  • And a few bits and pieces!


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