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Mini BS Episode 5 - Librarian Girls and Upcoming Releases

Welcome back ladies and gentlemen (but hopefully just gentlemen) to another educational and publicly funded episode of the Mini BS Gamescast. Con Bon Contra himself and Vit Vit Mesquite are back with all of the video game news you need to know, plus renditions of popular pop songs. On this episode Vit Vit is talking about his love of Mega Man, while Contra dives into some fact checked facts on Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time on the Nintendo 3DS. There's also some discussion on a little tiny game called Red Dead Redpemtion 2, and the delightful dudes also dive into Dave's Stock Corner (better than Daves?), discussing EA's rise in numbers. And to close things off, Vit Vit  serenades your soul with a cover of Michael Jackson's hit song Librarian Girl.

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