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Down The Obsidian Hole - S5 E16 'Supergirl' Recap & Review

On this weeks CW's SUPERGIRL - SEASON 5 - EPISODE 16 - ALEX IN WONDERLAND - Alex learns her father has died, again.  Alex and her father have had their ups and downs in the past, especially in regards to the special treatment he gave Kara and the responsibilities he gave Alex.  Alex is having such a hard time dealing with the reality of the loss of her father she runs to the virtual reality of Obsidian Platinum.  She enters the world and the foreshadowed Supergirl Alex Icon comes into play as she enters the VR world as Supergirl.  A lot of Ready Player One role play in which VR reality becomes the person you want to be.  Enter the Inception aspect when Alex is unable to realize the VR world is only virtual and not actual.

William, the ever journalist, is trying to find Lex Luthor's real deal with Obsidian Platinum.  He goes to Kelly, who was giving Alex space realizes the bug that makes users unable to get out may still be real.  The start to unravel what may be the next storyline regarding Lex Luthor's real agenda with Obsidian Platinum.  We wonder if Andrea Rojas is in on the whole thing, however she seems not to be as she is just as concerned as Kelly.

We end with the mystery of the EMT Nurse and the hidden users as they phase out of our reality and enter what can be the new one.  Something is afoot as we discuss this and more on the AFTERBUZZ SUPERGIRL AFTERSHOW.

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