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Survivor Top Ten navigateright Episode

Island of the Idols, ep 5 - "Hodgepodge of Sh*t"

This special APPLEBEE'S recap is brought to you by APPLEBEE'S BLUE SHARK BOWL and ANY-TIZERS! So grab a bar stool, dip a wing in one of our SIGNATURE SAUCES and listen up to this recap of Island of the Idol's, brought to you by APPLEBEE'S! Yum!!


Some highlights:

  • Josh cannot handle Noura's laugh and is brought to tears.
  • How much can you really share about your personal life on Survivor?
  • How much do the producers decide to share of your personal life?
  • Will Karishma make the final three?
  • Should they keep casting Canadians?
  • And much, much more!

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