Sydney Opera House - Ideas at the House (Audio)


Ideas at the House is a melting pot of stimulating conversation and provocative debate held throughout the year at Sydney Opera House. Featuring talks from the world’s greatest minds and culture creatures, Ideas at the House plays host to a dazzling and diverse array of creative and intellectual voices, culminating in the annual Festival Of Dangerous Ideas (FODI) and All About Women Festival (AAW).


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Subverting surveillance with Joshua Lyons | ANTIDOTE 2018

Assessing what has really happened in a conflict was once close to impossible, but Human Rights Watch’s Joshua Lyons is using technology in new ways, to reveal the truth in war. Gathering and analysing video imagery from satellites, drones and even social media, he is able to sort truth from propaganda and his work helps expose human rights abuses, and bring perpetrators to justice.

At ANTIDOTE 2018 he gave an insight into the methodology of Human Rights Watch (HRW) investigations. He was in conversation with Tom Tilley.

Show notes:
Imagery from Joshua Lyons' presentation

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