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Our Mission Statement
Founded upon the principles that God has called us to make a difference in this world, our concern is that people have a genuine relationship with Jesus Christ, according to what is taught in the scriptures and that, once transformed, they engage in the the ministry of bringing others into the same kind of transformational relationship. Because God is concerned about all people on the earth, our ministry has an international focus. Presently, we are working in Dominican Republic, Guinea, Burkina Faso, Malawi and Liberia. Our core values are:
To Glorify God in our worship, prayer lives, submission to scripture and n living lives of personal holiness and consecration.
To Faithfully follow Christ in biblical teaching , in disciple making and changed lives, through the fellowship of the saints, ministry and stewardship, accountability, in building strong marriages and families and in leadership development.
To obey His commands by leading others to Him through evangelism at home and abroad, through showing mercy and by developing loving, caring relationships.


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