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Tha Reality Is... where filtering becomes extinct! Created & Hosted by Anthony Roberts to share real stories from real people while discussing all things society and culture.


Tha Reality Is navigateright Episode

Bonus: RMG Takeover by The Quad Podcast

On this episode, we invite the power duo behind the brand Roberts Media Group. Better known as the brains (Artesia) and the shit talker (Anthony), we discuss their roles on their own podcast "Tha Reality Is" and what it takes to have your own podcast while working through the challenges of owning a media company. They share the ups and downs and the highs and lows of the game while also trying to grow their own team of dope podcasters here in the Dallas Market. They've been in the game 5 years strong and have grown their platform tremendously. Like and share the post, follow @thareality is, and give us a listen! The RMG Takeover has just begun!