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EP45 - The KiteFit Project and The Perfect Control Bar

Hello and welcome to the first ever episode of The KiteFit Project. It has been a long time coming but the change is here. 

Before I go any further I just wanted to say a massive thank you!

We have hit 10 000 DOWNLOADS :-) 

I know it's very exciting, well for me anyway, but needless to say, I couldn't have done it with all my awesome listeners so from the bottom of my heart thank! 

In this episode, I talk about changing from The Adrenalin Rush Podcast to The KiteFit Project, what the future will in-tale and much much more. 

Once we get passed the first 8 mins about The KiteFit Project we get into what ended up being a pretty lofty conversation about bar design and what you should consider when you're looking at purchasing a bar. I break bar design down into a few sections: 

  • Size of bar and length of lines
  • 4 line vs 5 line vs 6 line
  • Above the bar depower vs below the bar vs rear line adjusters
  • Swivels 
  • Bar ends and floats
  • Overall Construction 

I also give you a little Idea what I think would be the perfect bar and what bars/brands are really killing it in bar design and usability.

So thanks again for listening to another episode of The KiteFIt Project. Please don't forget to use the hashtag #thekitefitproject on your next Instagram post to join our community of like-minded shredders! 

Until Next Week

Stay Safe and Live Large 

Brayden Smith 

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