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Create the life you were meant to live by mastering the Art of Fulfillment. Tips, techniques, and ideas to create a life on your terms and one that is incredibly fulfilling.

Life isn't all about external success; it's about internal success, or how we feel about ourselves when we are by ourselves. In one word, this can be described as fulfillment. How is it that some people who are financially poor, have very little family/friends, and deal with the greatest of challenges end up being so happy, joyful, loving, and excited? And how is it that some people who have all the money in the world, have a loving family, have accomplished amazing feats end up being so angry, depressed, or unhappy? The key is fulfillment.

This podcast will contain interviews with people who are FULFILLED in their lives so that we can share some tips, strategies, and ideas that can help you master your own art of fulfillment. Additionally, I will also be recording solo-cast episodes sharing techniques that have worked for me and ones that I learned from some of the world's most fulfilled people.

I'm so grateful that you have taken the time to explore this podcast and I promise that I will do whatever it takes to provide the most compelling and valuable content for you. I want you to reach that place of fulfillment and create the life that you truly were meant to live. I'm so excited to start this journey with you.

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Patrick Sweeney on How To Be Courageous and Use Fear as Fuel

Patrick Sweeney is a full-time adventurer, motivational speaker, and is known as
the fear guru who helps people use fear as something that can be beneficial
as opposed to something that holds people back. Early in his life, he was an
Olympic Rower, top MBA school graduate, and a successful entrepreneur. But
despite these great accomplishments, he found his lifestyle largely
unfulfilling, and it wasn’t until he had a near encounter with death battling
Lukemia where he recognized that life is too short to do things you hate. So he
decided to take an approach in life he knew was going to be fulfilling and
become an adventurer, which has led him to remarkable accomplishments, such as
setting a world record as the first to officially bike to Mt. Everest’s base camp
and winning the 3,000 mile bike Race Across America. But most admirably, his
greatest accomplishment is being someone whose mission is to help people find
the adventure within themselves. He is also the author of the upcoming book, Fear is Fuel which will be releasing in the near future!

In this episode, Patrick and I discuss how to be more courageous in life, how to use fear as something that will move you forward, and how to make decisions based off of opportunity as opposed to fear

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