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Noah Filipiak is the author of Beyond the Battle: A Man's Guide to his Identity in Christ in an Oversexualized World and the forthcoming companion book for women, More than a Princess. The Beyond the Battle Podcast goes beyond the surface-level symptoms of lust, pornography, sexual sin, and marriage and singleness issues to uncover the soul-deep solutions found in Jesus.

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Episode 5: Embracing Reality mysteriously removed this episode without me knowing it... but they can't hold the BTB Podcast down!  It's baaaaaaack...

In this episode, Noah breaks down the 5th video in the 6th video small group curriculum.  The topic is "Embracing Reality" as we look at the perils of living in fantasy.  It doesn't matter how good fantasy food looks, you will die of starvation if you try eating it.  The mailbag also brings up the question of domestic violence and how porn is used as an escape when marital trouble strikes.

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