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Noah Filipiak is the author of Beyond the Battle: A Man's Guide to his Identity in Christ in an Oversexualized World and the forthcoming companion book for women, More than a Princess. The Beyond the Battle Podcast goes beyond the surface-level symptoms of lust, pornography, sexual sin, and marriage and singleness issues to uncover the soul-deep solutions found in Jesus.

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Episode 9: Why Most Accountability Doesn't Work + The Importance of Both Wings of God's Airplane (Judgment & Mercy)

A great question from the mailbag brings up why a lot of accountability is ineffective.  Noah gives his thoughts on what you must have for accountability to work.  There's a new segment on breaking down a piece of Scripture as a guide for how to spend your daily time with the Lord.  This episode's scripture passage is Psalm 131:1-2.  The topic of the day is on the importance of emphasizing both God's wrath/judgment and his grace/mercy in order to be freed from sexual temptation.  These are two wings on an airplane and one without the other won't cut it.

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