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Most women want to have a better relationship with food. Overeating, Emotional Eating, Cravings and Binging are real, and clearly, willpower and discipline are NOT working. Stephanie Dodier, Clinical Nutritionist, believes that to have food freedom we must go Beyond the Food and learn to have a relationship with our hunger to finally be at peace with food, eat normally without guilt or shame and end the vicious cycle of yo-yo dieting. In this podcast, Stephanie will help you discover a new approach to food, health, weight loss and happiness without using any diet, willpower or discipline.

The Beyond the Food Show is a holistic approach to health for women, personal development, personal growth, spirituality, coaching, education and self-mastery. Your host, Stephanie Dodier was there too. Stephanie ended the food cravings that were ruling her life for the last 20 years. At 34 years old, she was hospitalized, sick, depressed and hated her body. Today, she serves and inspires women to transform their own lives. More at


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235- Intuitive Eating for the Family: Successful Integration with Dr. Jillian and Sally

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In today's episode, we'll explore intuitive eating for the family, successful integration with Dr. Jillian and Sally  

“The last thing I want to do is to pass my food issue to my kids”- This is a quote of many of my new clients and students.

The majority of women in my community share my story of being introduced to the world of dieting at an early age. And for years we believed that it’s the way to go to control our eating and improve our body image.

Until such time, we finally realized that diet doesn’t work. It’s just a band-aid solution to something that needs a permanent solution.

We don’t want to pass this kind of relationship to food to our children.

We don’t want them to live their whole lives restricting, which actually brings about more craving.

Instead, we want them to practice intuitive eating and learn to be competent eaters as they grow up.

But how do you raise your kids to become competent eaters and body confident?

How do you undo years of restrictive eating with your kids and family mindset?

In this episode of the podcast, we have two guests to help you with these questions:

Dr. Jillian Murphy, a Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine focused on family and children eating patterns. She uses up-to-date eating psychology, clinical insight & guidance around diet culture, health, and weight to teach individuals WHY they stay stuck in negative patterns around food and constant body dissatisfaction.

Sally Glaspie, a mother of 3 who recently became an intuitive eater after years of dieting. She studied in our Intuitive Eating Project 5-week program where she learned how to become an intuitive eater.

What we talked about in today's episode of intuitive eating for the family, successful integration:

  1. The process to normalize food with children
  2. The division of responsibility between children and parents.
  3. The competent eater model versus intuitive eating model
  4. Words to use with toddler, kids, and teens
  5. Developing critical thinking in our children about food choices
  6. Gluten police: what happens when you stop restricting gluten
  7. How to address the sweet foods and sugar
  8. How to address nutrition education from school

Can’t wait to hear your feedback!

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