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S. 5 Ep. 4- A Change IS Gonna Come Eventually, Right??? (The Fanboys Get Real)

In this episode, we come at you without many of the bells and whistles and without our usual polished sound as our hosts put all the fun and games aside (well, almost all of them) in order to have another serious conversation.

A few weeks ago it was the Coronavirus, and this week, rather than going back to our regularly scheduled program and all its gloriously lighthearted fun, the fanboys come at you with heavy hearts and talk a bout race and race relations as they exist on so many levels within this country.

They try to make you think, make you feel, and yes, from time to time even attempt to make you laugh in these dark times, all while tackling a topic that is no laughing matter...... and is so much bigger than one man.

So much bigger than George Floyd....

So much bigger than Michael Brown....

So much bigger than Breonna Taylor....

And to close it all out, the boys not only step aside and leave you with the words of someone who is so much better with words than they are..... Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson, who poignantly asks "Where are you?". 

But after you let Dwayne's awesome message soak in, the Fanboys also invite you to observe a moment of white noise...... 8:46 seconds of it to be exact, so we can all realize how long really is, and how much longer it likely was as a man lay struggling for breath,


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