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1: Fried Pickle Noir J.R. Mounts

J.R. MOUNTS I always wanted to do something artistic for as long as I could remember. I had a wonderful family that really stoked the imagination and fueled my desire to be an artist. My original goal was to draw for Disney animation, Marvel or DC comics. However, I was lulled into wanting to be a rock star when I saw KISS. I remained a guitarist/songwriter for the next several years, now and then designing our band logos, album covers, etc...while trying to become as good a songwriter as I could. I'd still doodle birthday card covers for my family and friends and became a fun challenge each time, keeping my art alive. Eventually, I would love all kinds of music and it really improved my songwriting. At one point, I co-wrote a musical adaptation of "The Scarlet Letter" with my buddy Mike McQuade (known then as Mike Smith)for the stage which saw a run in New York for a few months back in 2001. It was a true highlight musically and lyrically for me and taught me a LOT about telling a good story. I set my sights on Nashville for being as good a songwriter as possible and keep my guitar chops up as well. But the bands never took off and recording at home kept becoming more impossible. I got into a horrible dry spell with nothing to create for! However, in October 2010 I was asked to draw some Halloween characters for the candy bowl at work. It was quick and easy and a LOT of fun. It also got a lot of compliments too! My co-worker suggested I should create a comic book out of those characters since I love comics so much and missed being creative. It was like a light bulb clicked on! I went out and researched as much as I could about what materials I'd need and I spent the next several days thinking about what I'd do. Plus, I was rusty artistically and had no writing skills. Still, I pressed on as excited as I was nervous. Thus, 'Scairy Tales-the not so scary fairy tales' was born. Soon after that,'Fried Pickle Noir', 'Family Mal-Use', 'Death By Baby' and so on. Since then I've created SCAIRY TALES NOIR, LLC for all the comics and I have a swell time coming up with fun products to help promote them while appearing at conventions, such as a Fried Pickle Noir costume of Q Cumbersome! I have the best wife in the world and an incredible family and family circle. I thank 'em all for their support and for letting me laugh at my own jokes. Hey folks, who do you think hears 'em first? So, enjoy all that you see hear knowing that it's all done with love for the fun of it. We ain't perfect but believe you're getting the best of us as we go along. Hope you enjoy! Cheers, J.R. Mounts Check out more of me and Scairy Tales Noir on FACEBOOK (don't forget to "LIKE" the Scairy Tales Noir Facebook page! Remember...spell 'scary' with an "i"!!!) Email me: