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Mario Jannatpour is a Realtor with RE/MAX Alliance in Louisville, Colorado and he's the author of the top selling book: "The Honest Real Estate Agent: A Training Guide For a Successful First Year and Beyond as a Real Estate Agent." Have Mario come speak at your company or organization's event.


The Honest Real Estate Agent | Sales and Marketing Tips for Realtors | And Much More! navigateright Episode

24 How to Choose the Right Company to Work For

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What to look for in a Company and Managing Broker:

1. An active Managing Broker. I don’t know how many times I have to say this. I have been a Realtor since 2003 and I still go to my Managing Broker for advice, to talk strategy and review contract issues. It’s great having someone you can rely on for help and guidance and for me it’s nice to just talk things out sometimes on complex situations.

2. They have to have a training and mentoring program for new Agents. This is an absolute must have!! Real estate school is great teaching you how to pass the real estate exam but you need training on how to succeed and build your business as a Realtor. What type of ongoing training and mentoring is provided? This is so important.

3. Find a company where other Agents in the office are supportive and helpful. Real estate is an individual sport but you want to be in office where other Agents are willing to help you. What type of office camaraderie do they have? Do they do fun events as an office to build cooperation and a team atmosphere? For example, when I worked at one we had an annual Bocce Ball tournament—we get together at our local city park—a Lender supplies lunch and we all play and have fun. It gets pretty competitive—you know how Realtors are. Our company always has a Holiday Party and we have at least 1-2 Professional Development days where my company brings in speakers—a few years ago we had Richard Robbins come to our meeting in Denver and he was awesome.

4. Admin and Office staff supporting the Agents with filing contracts and other day to day activities. Again, this is so important because you’re new and the office staff is so helpful in getting you through the paperwork process on Contracts.

5. A good local reputation and ideally a national brand recognition. When you're new it helps to work for a company that people in your area know. Gives you instant credibility.

6. How is floor time? Do Agents get calls or walk-ins? How busy is it? It would be nice to work for a company where you get practice working the floor and also get new business from.

7. A company which has a digital presence. Good website. Will you get leads from the internet? Do they offer you a personal Agent page? Getting a personal Agent page is a must have nowadays.

8. Physical office space looks professional and presentable. Access to conference rooms for meeting your clients.

9. A good printer, scanner and wi-fi. A must have nowadays.

10. Is the office easily accessible for clients to come meet you?

11. Lastly, don’t worry about getting a big office for yourself. As long as you get a cube or a desk that is sufficient but make sure to get your own space so you can come to work every day. This is very important, when you’re new I feel you need to work at the office and not work from home. You learn so much from experienced Agents and the office staff which you will not get from working at home.