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Anna Massie and Emma Franklin Bell invite you into The Ladies Lounge to listen in as guests confess the truth and reveal what made them want to be their own boss and what drove them to jump ship from the life they were living into the often daunting and unpredictable road less traveled - entrepreneurial life.

In up-close-and-personal candid conversations, inspirational and empowering ladies uncover the raw truth behind their business and their beginnings.

Emma and Anna ask those penetrating questions we all want to ask like what was the catalyst for making the shift to business? What were the breakthroughs and sometimes breakdowns that got you to where you are now? And how have you faced your fears and broken through them?

This riveting and thrilling show dissects and dares to open up about the life you create as a modern-day lady in business and how the integration and harmonious intersection of life and business is now paving the way for the new wave of women in business.

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041 - Sonia McDonald CEO of LeadershipHQ talks Leadership, Challenging Times, Entrepreneurial Leaders, Life Lessons and More!

Sonia McDonald, CEO & Founder of LeadershipHQ; is an Entrepreneur, Thought Leader, Dynamic Keynote Speaker, Leadership Coach and Author. Sonia McDonald was recently named in the Top 250 Influential Women across the Globe. She is Australia’s Leading Leadership Executive Coach. She has over 25 years’ human resource management, leadership and organisational development experience. She has held senior leadership roles in organisational development, learning and development, human resources and talent management fields across the Globe. She is passionate about cutting edge research and consulting in her industry as well as innovative tools and strategies around Leadership, Organisational Development, Neuroscience and Diversity.

Sonia’s expertise in organisational development, learning & development, facilitating, and leadership development makes her an excellent leader to partner with organisations and CEOs to ensure the full potential of their business is achieved through its people. She is about RESULTS! Sonia has been published in The Australian, HRD Magazine, Business Insider, Business Woman’s Media, Style Magazine, Richtopia and Women in Focus. She is an inspirational and dynamic Leadership and Neuroscience Keynote Speaker. She will engage, educate and change the hearts and minds of your leaders and organisations. She is also the Author of the Neuroscience of Leadership Kindle Book on Amazon and her new book Leadership Attitude.

Her company, LeadershipHQ are the Leaders in Leadership and they provide solutions, coaching, programs and interventions that will help your organisation to achieve maximum success. They work in partnership to design, create and deliver high impact and customised client solutions. It is about YOU. Their purpose and vision is to partner with organisations and leaders in building high performance leadership, culture, diversity and strategic interventions – improving staff engagement, motivation, retention and ultimately – the bottom line! We will improve your leadership significantly! LeadershipHQ has also been named in the Top 50 Fastest Career and Management Blogs and was recently named in the Top 100 Leadership Blogs across the Globe.

Get in touch with Sonia:

Sonia McDonald
CEO & Founder | Keynote Speaker | Executive Coach | Author of Leadership Attitude, LeadershipHQ
1300 719 665
0424 447 616
[email protected] Skype: leadershiphq
PO Box 5806 West End QLD 4101
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