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The Mindfluence Revolution: Business Breakthroughs for Lasting Success is a weekly podcast created by business success strategists Dr. Matthew Norton and Bruce Hurley featuring revolutionary business ideas combined with breakthrough applications. This unique show alternates between high-energy host conversations and game-changing expert interviews to liberate and inspire professionals and small business owners for expanded success AND fulfillment. Each episode is filled with cutting-edge thought, brain science insights, and soul-driven messages to assist everyone from the already highly successful business leader, seeking to reinvent to next levels of contribution and entrepreneurial freedom, to the young professional and aspiring business owner designing and refining a new model for engagement and success.


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Title: 093: Leaders...Vulnerability is the Only Bridge to True Human Connection

093: Leaders...Vulnerability is the Only Bridge to True Human Connection

December 14th, 2016

Business leaders might feel as though they have to project this ‘superhuman’ persona in order to be considered effective leaders, but Dr. Norton and… Go to Episode

092: Doug Stevenson - Engage the Power of Storytelling to Better Sell Your Vision, Ideas, and Service

December 7th, 2016

How do you leverage, and monetize, your personal story? How does story apply in a company setting? This week’s guest is a masterful storyteller. Doug… Go to Episode

091: Embrace Frustration for Positive Change & Greater Impact

November 30th, 2016

We often see frustration and anger as negative things, but Dr. Norton and Bruce discusses why they don’t always have to be. We often seek comfort over… Go to Episode

090: Aaron Janx - The Straight Scoop on Successful Selling

November 23rd, 2016

Aaron Janx is a ‘No BS’ sales mentor, and has some tips to share on how you can close that sale, because, as he says, if you don’t have sales, you… Go to Episode