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OFFICIAL LEAGUE CODE: 277980-1219979 Join Jack and James as they travel through the wonderful world of Pep's rotation wheel, unreasonable bonus point attribution, and leaving points on the bench - and using a hell of a lot of statistics to justify terrible decisions along the way. Opinionated, (mostly) data-driven discussion of Fantasy Premier League and the current gameweek's events.


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Episode 14: An Interview with Adam Hopcroft

Welcome to The Numbers Game - where two people read stats and shout at each other about grown men kicking a ball. In this very special episode, we interview Adam Hopcroft - a certified FPL veteran with several high-level (top 10k or above) finishes. Adam goes through his picking process, what to look out for, and who he's transferring in next this season. The audio is a little spotty in places due to Skype's ever-present connection issues, but I've done my best to improve the sound quality (so it's at least a good-sounding garbled mess). Enjoy!