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OFFICIAL LEAGUE CODE: 277980-1219979 Join Jack and James as they travel through the wonderful world of Pep's rotation wheel, unreasonable bonus point attribution, and leaving points on the bench - and using a hell of a lot of statistics to justify terrible decisions along the way. Opinionated, (mostly) data-driven discussion of Fantasy Premier League and the current gameweek's events.


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Episode 7: It'll Be All Wry on the Night

WARNING: The theme tune is at the top of this episode. RIP headphones users. Welcome to The Numbers Game, your (hopefully) authoritative and stat-driven guide to winning your Fantasy Premier League mini-leagues and increasing your overall rank. Today, we discuss Gameweek 7, our previews for Gameweek 8, who the essential players are this season, and reminisce over the thrilling sight of Cardiff vs. Burnley. In addition, James has a left-field right-back captaincy pick, and Jack maintains the high ground like Obi-Wan Kenobi when discussing who's playing who and where.