" The Power of Vocal Dynamics "


Voice and Speech Training is not something you master in a few hours. For some accidental speaking is the norm. True Performers never stop learning how to use their voice in different situations, story lines and settings. Great speakers and presenters can become more powerful and persuasive using their voice differently. How you use emotions and tonality will either engage or bore your audience. Be sincere and demonstrate integrity. Sheena will share examples of " Vocal Dynamics" in presenting situations, that you can add to your presentations. Become that influential speaker in the Spotlight.


" The Power of Vocal Dynamics " navigateright Episode

The Art & Science of Stage Craft

What does the Disney movie "Beauty and the Beast" teach us about "Stage Craft "

" Emma Watson" who plays "Beauty" has great positioning and presence on stage, she is Elegant, Eloquent, she sings and dances beautifully. Emma has great posture, positioning and power as she commands the stage.

How can you use Emma's skills when you present on "Stage" to position you as a great presenter and speaker.

Sheena shares tips and techniques on 'Stage Craft " that you can add to your current presentation