The Soul of California


Let them share.....That's the goal. Let the leading thinkers, writers, academics and artists talk about their work and the influence of California on that work.

In these podcasts, I hope to bring out the myth and the ethos that is not only a leading administrative entity in the United States, but also the world.

Stay tuned, to enter the soul of California....


The Soul of California navigateright Episode

Divestment's Deliverance

In this 33-minute episode, Lauren Jabusch of the California Student Sustainability Coalition (CSSC) discusses the increasingly important influence and financial impact that divestment is having within the public school system. 

Lauren starts with CSSC's origins as well as the massive reach of the Golden State's public university system and its multi-billion dollar pension schemes, then moves on to the evolution of issues (min. 6) and the engagement with local communities (min. 9). 

She then continues with the subtleties of each issue and winning over hearts and minds (min. 12),  the dual use of facts and storytelling and California's broader influence of divestment in the U.S. and abroad (min. 20). 

Lauren closes it up with keeping a student-run movement going and  her favorite places in California.   

Feed your soul. Keep listening.