The Soul of California


Let them share.....That's the goal. Let the leading thinkers, writers, academics and artists talk about their work and the influence of California on that work.

In these podcasts, I hope to bring out the myth and the ethos that is not only a leading administrative entity in the United States, but also the world.

Stay tuned, to enter the soul of California....


The Soul of California navigateright Episode

Grgich Hills Estates - trouncing the French

In this 32-minute episode, Violet Grgich, President of Grgich Hills Estates, discusses the history of the Napa wine producer and the Paris Tasting of 1976, which catapulted her father Mike Grgich, a Croatian villager who fled Yugoslavia to settle in the US, to the center of the wine industry. 

Violet then touches on the types of wines that Grgich produces (min. 8) and the differences in climate and land, which impact the final product (min.11). She recounts the honor and the collective reaction to be named as one of the 101 objects that made America. Her 95-year old father still hasn't gotten over it. Violent subsequently talks about taking over the reins at Grgich Hills and the lessons that her father gave her (min. 17). 

Turning to Violet the person, she discusses her love of music as well as which wines she would bring to a desert island (min. 23). Wrapping it up, she talks about simplicity and complexity - in music, wine and life. 

Feed your soul. Keep listening. 


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