The Soul of California


Let them share.....That's the goal. Let the leading thinkers, writers, academics and artists talk about their work and the influence of California on that work.

In these podcasts, I hope to bring out the myth and the ethos that is not only a leading administrative entity in the United States, but also the world.

Stay tuned, to enter the soul of California....


The Soul of California navigateright Episode

Julian Wasser - through my lens 

In this 17-minute episode, photographer Julian Wasser shares some of his best stories from a 50-year career shooting the titans of entertainment.

Julian's lens caught the likes of MLK, the Kennedy brothers, Joan Didion and Roman Polanski, among dozens of others, freezing important moments in time, becoming instantly iconic and acting as a reference point for generations.

Throughout it, he gives a comic and an honest look at the profession and additionally offers his thoughts on some of the most meaningful photos, which other photographers have taken. 

Feed your soul. Keep listening. 

Next up: Juniper Harrower on the Joshua Tree.