The Soul of California


Let them share.....That's the goal. Let the leading thinkers, writers, academics and artists talk about their work and the influence of California on that work.

In these podcasts, I hope to bring out the myth and the ethos that is not only a leading administrative entity in the United States, but also the world.

Stay tuned, to enter the soul of California....


The Soul of California navigateright Episode

Leadership - both body and mind

In this 45-minute podcast, Richard Strozzi-Heckler shares the importance of the body in leadership. The eyes, the walk, shoulders, breathing - it plays a massive role in how you are perceived and the confidence that you exude. 

Richard gives background on the Dojo (the place) and the Soma (the whole body) and its role in leadership, then moves onto the impacts that it has globally (min. 7), the role of the marital arts and how they fit into the “Western” type of leadership (e.g. Peter Drucker (min. 9)) and how morality is a key aspect of leadership.  

He talks about individual physical aspects - the eyes, breathing, shoulders - and how they communicate and how words count for ONLY 7% of how others interpret you.  Yes, a whopping 93% is about your body language…..

We then discuss leadership today (min. 23), Rebecca Solnit’s “mansplaining” (min. 31) and then close it up with Richard's admission that he sometimes falls into the trap of sizing up someone’s soma, becoming more tolerant of the limitations of others and his favorite place in CA. 

Feed your soul. Keep listening.