The Third Space


Each week, Kevin and Jeremy meet up to discuss hypothetical situations for an hour. Nonsense conversations about fictional universes, pop culture concepts, and scientific principles spoken with such confidence, you'd swear they were experts.


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Title: 207: TSWG: Cancer, I Guess

203: TSWG: The Ocean's Trivial Tribunal

May 31st, 2020

Do your friends not want to listen to the Third Space? Then give them an offer they can't refuse, an episode where Kevin and Jeremy create a world of… Go to Episode

202: Will it Leaf?

May 24th, 2020

Ever wished you could carry around lots of things? What about just one big thing? What if those things were leaves? In Animal Crossing you can! And now… Go to Episode

201: CF: Chimeras

May 17th, 2020

Lions and goats and snakes, oh my! Is that right? Well, in a land of chimeras you can expect those three things to be one thing plus many more things… Go to Episode

200: Podcast Deities

May 10th, 2020

Hard to believe it's been 200 days. Go to Episode