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The Travelers is a weekly show about the inward journey of travel. Episodes explore themes such as curiosity, creativity, career, possibility, clarity, awe, wonder, space, and time. Nathaniel Boyle is an explorer of travel, storyteller, speaker, and the founder of Holocene, a community for creative people seeking to use travel to change or reclaim their life. Whether you're heading out or struggling to find your place in the world, this is a show about all of us, the Travelers. Stay curious.


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222 - REFLECTION with Alex Crevar

Links from today’s episode: Holocene - Join a tribe of travelers transforming their lives. Paste Magazine's Travel Section • Follow Alex Crevar on Twitter Alex Crevar is the travel editor at Paste Magazine and a freelance journalist, specializing on international travel - with bylines in The New York Times, Men’s Journal, Outside, National Geographic Traveler, and Time Out. Alex brings to his work and life over 2 decades of focus on the Balkans - a region of the world I’m itching to see, particularly Macedonia, Bosnia, and Serbia and the Via Dinarica, a trek across 8 balkan countries. Alex found a parallel in a time of transition between himself and the Balkans, a region of the world that has undergone rapid changes and an ongoing rebranding, over the past couple decades. Today, he is one of the world’s foremost authorities on the Balkans. He’s the travel editor at Paste Magazine and a freelance journalist, a career he found that he found purpose and creative expression from pursuing. This episode is perfect for anyone who might feel stuck in their surroundings, or looking for a way to approach their travels to find inspiration from gaining a better sense of self.