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Why is it so hard to get people to pay tax?

Our attitude to taxation is determined by a wide range of factors: whether we think our neighbours are tax dodgers, how much control we have over how funds are spent and even our gender, age and religious beliefs. Nastaran Tavakoli-Far hears tales of tax avoidance by the world’s super-rich and finds out how governments around the world are using simple ‘nudge’ techniques to get people to feel positive about paying up. Guests: Carla Gericke, President Emeritus of the Free State Project Brooke Harrington, Professor of Sociology, Dartmouth College Stewart Kettle, Senior Advisor at the Behavioural Insights Team Jan-Emmanuel De Neve, Associate Professor of Economics and Strategy at Saïd Business School Benno Torgler, Professor of Economics in the School of Economics and Finance, QUT Kelly Sarri, filmmaker Photo: Calculating Tax Credit: Getty Images