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The Wrong Football podcast provides NFL fans around the world with our unique take on our favourite sport. Dan (a massive Dolphins fan) is joined by Gee (an even bigger Bengals fan) in our weekly review of all things NFL.

The Podcast allows us to expand upon some of Gee's recent posts on, review the latest week's matches, and provide our picks for the following week.

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The Wrong Football Podcast - Episode 40

As 8 teams turn to just 4, we look back at the week that was Divisional Week, and also ahead to the Championship games to make our picks of who we believe will make it to the Superbowl on 5th February. With so much movement on the Coaching Merry-Go-Round this week, it'd be rude for us not to take a look at who has landed there, and there's also talk about a couple of teams looking to relocate - but is Las Vegas really a good place for a football team?! All that and more this week on The Wrong Football Podcast!