The Chillout Lounge Mix


Breathtaking, Relaxing Chillout / Ambient / Downtempo music by various Artists / Labels all mixed together into one Continuous DJ Mix by Tim Angrave.


The Chillout Lounge Mix navigateright Episode

The Chillout Lounge Mix - Evolution

I have some stunning sounds to share with you in this episode, including the new album Double Life by Gold Lounge, more from Riccicomoto’s album The Beat Conspiracy which is exercising my speakers a lot at the moment, Stray Theories, Platform 16, Motif, Vital & Hubb, Dub Mars, Genuine aka Chris Zippel, Houie D, Softwaver, Charlie North, Mozez, Lemongrassmusic and Sine Music.

Aegean Summer - Gold Lounge

Wildflower World (Wild Orchid Mix) - Shaheen Sheik

Cross the River - Minor Rain

Night Mail (feat. Civilian) - Man In A Room

Flangers Love - Flanger-Project

Black Widow Dub - Riccicomoto

Laila (feat. Tiefblau) - Yin & Yang

Strong (Chillout Mix) - Motif feat. Pamela Nyambo

Wellness (Tim Angrave Optimum Remix) - The Angel Flies In The Sky

Existence - Stray Theories

Betwen The Lines - Dub Mars

Don't look Back - Vital & Hubb feat. Courtney Wachtel

Say Mutabor - Genuine Aka Chris Zippel

Planet Berlin (Tim Angrave Global Remix) - Softwaver

Touch Me - Gold Lounge

Fragile (Platform 16 Remix) - Karen Ruimy

Questions (Stray Theories Remix) - Need a Name

Immersion - Eskadet

On A Summer Drink (feat. Ilias Katelanos) - Openzone Bar

Broken Toy - Mozez

Firster - Houie D

Devotion (Tim Angrave Profound Rmx) - Charlie North