The Chillout Lounge Mix


Breathtaking, Relaxing Chillout / Ambient / Downtempo music by various Artists / Labels all mixed together into one Continuous DJ Mix by Tim Angrave.


The Chillout Lounge Mix navigateright Episode

The Chillout Lounge Mix - The Way To Eden

This episode is a mix and interview I did for the superb radio show, The Way To Eden, which is by George Mosoh on Digitally Imported - Chillout Dreams Channel... You can also find The Chillout Lounge Mix on there too, every 1st Sunday of the month. George was kind enough to do a stunning exclusive mix for us which you will hear in the 2nd part of this episode.

Endless Horizons - Tim Angrave

Part of Me - Stray Theories

Desire - Blank & Jones

6am (Lenny Ibizarre Remix) - Synapsis

Unfinished Awakening - Art Demoir

Unfinished Dream - Art Demoir

Still Travelling - Fabrizio Paterlini

Miracle of Life - Sinatic

Riccicomotos qs department - Riccicomoto

The Vortex - Jens Buchert

Faraway - Devaldi

Waterfall - Setsuna

In And Out Of Love (Platform 16 Remix - Armin Van Buuren

Sound Of You (Five Seasons Remix) - Gushi & Raffunk

Once (Essáy's Ambstep Mix) - Buck UK

Echtzeit (Tim Angrave Remix - Klangstein

Fatigue (Tim Angrave Remedy Remix) - Thomas Lemmer

George Mosoh Mix...

01    SoulAlive – Casket With A Surprise (Original Mix)

02    Omauha – The Last Remaining Man On Earth

03    Olexa – Jellyfish

04    Kick Bong  – Landscape

05    Hellsun – C’est Vous Encore

06    A.w.e.r.S – Part One (Original Mix)

07    Red Sun Rising – Swords With Feather

08    Apple & Stone – Lost

09    Pianochocolate – F. Love

10    Eguana – Seven Floating Particles

11    Kaiben – Crucial

12    Martian – My Kingdom

13    Timewave – New Beginning

14   Pag – Dark Forest

Deep Fog – Infinity Life