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The Obenson Report On Black Film/Cinema navigateright Episode

#49- No content for distribution; Box Office; Afro Neo-Realism; Web Content

Show notes: 8:00 - 8:04 - Intro 8:04 - 8:23: Where are the the good indie black films? In search of feature films for BAM/ActNow quarterly film screenings. Slim pickings! There's not enough good content to support distribution. 8:23 - 8:35: Box Office for the weekend (American Violet opens well, Medicine For Melancholy still out there after 12 weeks in theatres). 8:35 - 8:40: Ballast & Medicine For Melancholy and the new neo-realism. 8:40 - 8:46: Tribeca Film Festival and its stinky ticket buying policies. 8:46 - 8:49: "Black Dynamite" updates from writer/director Scott Sanders. 8:49 - 8:52: Are you watching movies on mobile devices and over the web. 8:52 - 8:58: Creating content specifically for the web. 8:58 - 9:00: "Out-tro"