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Bas de Baar and friends discuss Project Management, Leadership and communication in a global and virtual world. Each episode they have a brief and intense conversation with experts from around the world. Topics include project management, program management, personal branding, communication skills, new media, social media, personal development for project managers, agile development, offshore development and managing virtual teams.

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38 - Improving Your Communication Skills In 4 Steps

Kimberly Wiefling explains the 4 steps she is using to improve her own interpersonal communication skills. Kimberly is the author of "Scrappy Project Management".This interview is based upon four funny and insightful blog posts she wrote in the beginning of this year at UCSC Extension blog. Dear Diary #1 – Thanks for the Dish Towel Diary #2 – Dad, Can You Spare Some Change? Diary #3 – Conjuring Action Diary #4 – The Fortune’s in the Follow Up