The Rogues' Gallery


The Dividing Line's "The Rogues. Gallery" started its run back in May 2003 focusing on Steve Hogarth era Marillion. It has since grown in popularity and listeners from all over the world tune in specifically to hear the latest progressive rock releases. Frans Keylard originally hails from The Netherlands and grew up listening to FM pirate radio stations both transmitting from land, and off the coast in international waters from converted fishing trawlers. He now resides in Seattle Washington and is the founder of the Seattle Progressive & Art Rock Community which has brought many well known bands into the area. The following artists are more or less a guideline: Marillion, all "related" bands such as Porcupine Tree, Blackfield (and all Steven Wilson projects), Kino, Transatlantic, Iris, Postmankind, Aziz, Wishing Tree, h Natural, etc. That's just the start, because the reach of the show goes far beyond those artists. Tune in to hear more!

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