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Each week on The Money Pit, Tom and Leslie welcome This Old House cast members Kevin O’Connor, Tom Silva, Richard Trethewey or Roger Cook to share tips, tricks and expert remodeling advice gained from their more than three decades of experience tearing homes apart and putting them back together! Explore the segments below for insight into dozens of projects, and have fun while learning how to improve your home with Tom, Leslie and the entire team of This Old House!


This Old House On The Money Pit navigateright Episode

Episode # 1964: Quick Closet Organization | Least Expensive Electric Heat | Fire Safety Solutions | Plus Your Calls

Got closets that are busting at the seams? We’ve got steps for a simple closet makeover that takes less than an hour or two to get done and will help you find the space you need. Plus: calls about, hiring a professional home inspector when buying a home, cleaning dryer vent and lime deposits, eliminating squirrels in the attic, and removing wallpaper. ·        Keeping heating costs down is usually a lot easier for home heated with gas or oil than for those heated by electricity. We’ll share how new efficiencies in heat pump technology are changing this for the better. ·        You might think a working smoke detector will protect your home and family from a fire. But while that system can provide a critical alert, find out how adding a home sprinkler system could stop the home from actually burning to the ground.  Plus, answers to your questions about best paint, snow blower, cleaning dryer vents, hiring a Professional Home Inspector, eliminating water hammer, and squirrels from the attic, repairing dented wood flooring, removing wallpaper. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit