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Welcome to the Thrive Not Survive Podcast. Our mission is to provide you with actionable strategies you can implement right away that will drastically improve the way you do business. Your host is Kelley Skar, COO of Redline Real Estate Group in Calgary


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RedLife Podcast Episode 003: How Video Can Change the Trajectory of Your Business in 2017

Today we sit down with Video Master, Sebastian Malinowski. Sebastian is a Realtor®, Team Leader, Dad and Husband and is also super passionate about creating mass quantities of quality content through video. In today's episode we touch on some key areas about video: How to get started and what equipment and editing software to use, the channels you should be utilizing for syndication, the key to creating consistent content that people will want to watch week in and week out and social proof, this type of marketing works if you follow the steps in the podcast.