Tiny Leaps, Big Changes: Wellness, Inspiration, Self Help & Motivation for Your Daily Life


Tiny Leaps, Big Changes is a self-help, wellness, motivation, and inspirational podcast about the day-to-day behaviors we all engage in that determine the results we gain in our lives. On this show, I share simple personal development strategies you can use as well as the habits you can develop to get the most out of your life.


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Title: 429 - The Science of Motivation

429 - The Science of Motivation

November 19th, 2019

In today’s episode I talk about the Science around Motivation. We tend to talk about motivation a lot because most of us are sort of either struggling… Go to Episode

430 - One Habit That Changed My Life

November 20th, 2019

In this episode I talk about the number one habit that has affected my life the most and created the most change for me. It is a habit that helped me… Go to Episode

373 - How to Live Well & Change Your Life (feat. John Wellborn)

August 29th, 2019

In today’s episode, I sit down with John Wellborn from Live Well to talk about his journey uprooting his life, moving states, and building a successful… Go to Episode

Repost: Why You Aren't Happy

November 17th, 2019

In this episode we talk about happiness and where it comes from. But don’t worry, you must be in your happy place already because you are now listening… Go to Episode