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Today In Alternative Medicine is a media project established and designed to inform a ever increasing health conscious society about possible alternative remedies that could help people better manage common health afflictions such as hypertension, obesity, acute colds and flu's, diabetes,weaken immune systems, and poor nutrition, without the necessary use of drugs. Today In Alternative Medicine is a marketing,educational, and entertainment production of Xcel Nutraceuticals.

Xcel Nutraceuticals is a company that manufactures and sells all-natural and organic products for the management of eczema, psoriasis, acne, and thinning hair. Xcel Nutraceuticals products contain no steroids, or toxic substances. Xcel Nutraceuticals products have been shown to be safe and effective alternatives to the use of drugs.

World-renowned scientist M.D. Shahid holder of almost 120 patents worldwide, and a receipt of the NTA, “Scientist of the Year” award, founded the company.


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