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TodaysLeadingWomen is a podcast with you in mind, THE WOMAN ENTREPRENEUR, YOU, the Small Business Owner, YOU, the Aspiring Entrepreneur. Everyday, 7-days a week, Marie Grace Berg brings to life the stories and the journeys of these Successful Women Entrepreneurs.Their true stories are aimed at helping you understand how to turn that dream of owning and running a business into a reality. While these women can be described as extraordinary because they all seized an opportunity, and, with determination and commitment, turned it into a successful business, they are also just like us. They all had to battle with day to day challenges that face the rest of us - making sure we have enough money to survive, feeding our children and juggling the many different priorities in our lives. So WOMEN OF THE WORLD, join Marie Grace Berg as she takes you to what could be one of the most remarkable ride in your life!


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Title: 04: COURTNEY McKenzie of Entrepreneur 2.0

672: How To Remove Toxic Sugar From Skin with Dr. ANETTE Tobia of Meg 21

December 31st, 2015

Dr. ANETTE Tobia, is the founder of Dynamis Therapeutics and its sister company, Dynamis Skin Science, known for its MEG 21 line of skin care products,… Go to Episode

671: How To Provide Opportunities To Locally Talented Dancers with AMANDA Tae of Tae Talent

December 30th, 2015

AMANDA Tae, is the Creative Director,  President and CEO at Tae Talent Agency, that represents choreographers, dancers, actors, models, variety acts,… Go to Episode

670: How To Conquer Your Fear of Public Speaking with MARJORIE Saulson of Vibrant Vocal Power

December 29th, 2015

MARJORIE Saulson, is a Marketing Consultant, Public Speaking and Networking Coach, Voice Actor and Singer and founder at Vibrant Vocal Power. Marjorie… Go to Episode

669: How To Unravel Global Healthcare with SUZANNE Garber of Gauze

December 28th, 2015

SUZANNE Garber, is a Board Member, Author, Speaker, Filmmaker and Entrepreneur. She serves on the boards of several organizations including some listed… Go to Episode