The Love of God is Far Greater - sermons from Kiama Jamberoo Uniting Church


This Podcast will feature the Sunday sermons from our minister and lay preachers. Kiama Jamberoo Uniting Church is part of the third biggest Christian denomination in Australia. Our mission is to share the love of Jesus with our church, our community, our nation and the world through worship, witness and service. We belong to the Illawarra Presbytery and the NSW/ACT Synod of the Uniting Church in Australia. We would love to invite you to come along and join us.

If you are seeking a spiritual home, a place of lively worship, honest welcome and true community, consider our church. We are a worshipping community where individuals and families receive new birth in baptism and encounter grace and mercy in the Lord’s Supper. RSS Feed URL

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Renewal and Healing 3 - 190120

Renewal often comes about when we become creative, seek new ways, be innovative – when we are willing to explore and be bold when we are willing to let the possibility of failure be part of our forward planning, when we focus not on lack but on blessings, when we not only challenge ourselves or our church, but we are willing to accept ourselves and the limitedness of our sometimes very human church.
There are many passages in the Bible about seeking, trying new paths, accepting our lack and God’s strength – to trust in the one who says ‘all things work for good for those who trust in the Lord’.