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Total Wellness Radio with Dan Young captures and documents 15+ years of clinical experience with natural wellness protocols. He also interviews people from all over who are in the natural wellness profession. You will gain valuable insight into the sometimes misunderstood and certainly not well known world of natural, non-invasive protocols that people have used for thousands of years to promote normal function and achieve optimum health.


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E206 Sara Siedleski Owner Winnipeg Nutrition

Sara is the owner of Winnipeg Nutrition. She practices Functional Medicine as a Registered Holistic Nutritionist. Her passion is to see people reach their full potential by using diet, exercise, lifestyle changes and specific nutrition to create health.
Sara specializes in adrenal fatigue, hormone correction, thyroid disorders and digestive disorders / food allergies.
* Canadian School of Natural Nutrition
* Renai Sante Institute of Integrated Medicine
* Functional Medicine University
* American Academy of Anti Aging Medicine

Winnipeg Nutrition
P: ?204-952-7982?
F: ?204-800-4298?
?11-1325 Markham Road?
?Wpg MB R3T 4J6?