Turning Hard Times into Good Times


Jay Taylor’s show will explain the real underlying causes for plunging stock prices, plunging home prices and growing unemployment. By correctly diagnosing the cause of America’s economic decline, rather than listening to excuses from Wall Street and Washington, Jay will offer winning investment ideas to protect and increase wealth.

Topics to be discussed will include the cause of the decline of: our monetary system and our economy, the housing markets, the equity markets, and commodities, Why gold and silver are rising in value and how investors can profit from the direction of these markets through specific stocks, ETF’s and precious metals will also be discussed. Turning Hard Times into Good Times is broadcast live every Tuesday at 12 Noon Pacific Time on the VoiceAmerica Business Channel.


Turning Hard Times into Good Times navigateright Episode

Are We Gold Shares' Investors Fools?

Dan Oliver, Michael Oliver & Ryan Girdusky return. It’s been six years since gold shares performed well even as stocks and bonds continued to reach new highs. Why stay in a losing sector for so long? Consider the housing market boom that a few brave souls dared to short as prices continued to climb. It was difficult holding those short positions. But when the inevitable collapse took place the shorts became enormously wealthy. Gold share investors are now effectively shorting financial assets at a time when Michael's technical work says enormous tectonic shifts are starting to unfold, stocks and bonds destined for a horrendous bear market and commodities and gold headed for the moon. Laugh if you want, but as Dan will discuss, it’s at the nadirs of credit cycles that gold assets become enormously valuable. Ryan will join us to discuss the midterm elections and what impact those results may have on President Trump's policies and the American social landscape as a whole.