Twilight Series Theories: A Twilight Podcast


We are sisters from Texas, and we love the Twilight Series! Through
podcasting, we hope to entertain you, as well as inspire you. We are
dedicated to discussing the Twilight Series thoroughly, and have fun
doing it!
If you are reading this, we might not know you, but we share a love
for the same story. Stephenie Meyer has created a time and place that
we escape to when the family has gone to bed, or dive into when
everyone else around us is too busy treading water. I (Kallie)
enjoyed the books so much that I recently shared them with my sister
(Kassie). She and I were talking about them like we were teenagers
talking about the cutest boy in school! We decided that with my
organization and her flare for the dramatics we might be entertaining
to listen to. We are currently working on a podcast to post each week
for everyone to enjoy! The podcasts range from 30 minutes to an hour
and will be about the books, the movie and all the buzz that is
stirring in the comments section…you ask the questions and we will
let you know what we think! In conclusion, I thank you for taking the
time to read this. Please tell your friends about the site
( and the podcast…we hope to make
lots of friends!

If you would like to contact us, send emails to
[email protected]

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