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Two fans of classic sci-fi, fantasy, and horror dissect pop culture from the fringes, using basic storytelling know-how to celebrate or eviscerate the latest films, novels, and RPGs.

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Title: Does Outrage Culture Bug You? (ft. Ant-Man & The Wasp)

Home is Where the Hurt Is (Breaking In & Interstellar)

May 16th, 2018

What makes home invasion movies tick? Also, did Nolan make a high concept space epic, or a star bore? (Get it?) Go to Episode

Blend It Like Lucas (Star Wars & Genre-Blending)

May 7th, 2018

Knights. Empires. Magic. This used to be fantasy, but ever since 1977, it's the stuff of sci-fi. Join us in this Star Wars celebration! PLUS: A new segment… Go to Episode

Juggling Infinity (Avengers: Infinity War & Intertextuality)

May 3rd, 2018

It's hard writing one character; try seventy-six! (...and 10 years of film history ...and over 75 years of comic book history...) Explore the "text" of… Go to Episode

Mastering Dungeons (Game vs. Story pt. 1)

April 22nd, 2018

Take a journey into gamified story with this intro to role-playing games. Go to Episode