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MLW Radio Network presents the VIP Lounge! Wrestling superstar MVP takes you through the red velvet ropes and gives you all access to his world. Hang with MVP and former WWE head writer Alex Greenfield as they talk pro wrestling, culture, jiu-jitsu and whatever MVP has on his hit list for the week.


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Episode 116: This is the End?

It’s closing time at the VIP Lounge.

After 115 episodes MVP has decided to pack of up the velvet rope for a while and take a break from podcasting. But we don’t mourn here, we celebrate and what better way to celebrate the Grass and Grappling Podcast than by throwing a live party at Planet Paradise, a Cannabis lounge in Toronto Canada. And as they say, everyone comes out for a funeral so this week MVP is joined in the lounge by fill-in co-host Damian Abraham, (actual co-host Alex Greenfield couldn’t make it but several were lit up in his honour) Scottish Wrestling icon Grado, former WWE Superstar/ owner of Battle Arts Santino Marella and electronic music heroes A Tribe Called Red. So join the sesh on last time and say goodbye.